Brand New User Interface and Improvements

August 10, 2013 Chris Boxmeup Releases

The design of Boxmeup’s user interface has been greatly improved and updated to newer technologies. We’ve made an effort to put more options and cleaner views for the most common operations. What changed? First, the advertisement block has been removed. I felt this was a distraction in general and there are other revenue generating methods […]



New Release Brings Updates to Performance and Security

March 2, 2013 Chris Boxmeup Releases

Today one of the largest updates to Boxmeup’s system to date was released. Boxmeup runs on a PHP framework called CakePHP and for a long time it’s been running on a very old version (1.3). With this release, the core framework has been upgraded to CakePHP 2.2.3. This constituted a major change in every area […]



Upgrades to the Core on the Horizon

October 26, 2012 Chris Boxmeup Technology

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working on upgrading the core framework (CakePHP) that Boxmeup utilizes to the new and improved version.  This upgrade affects all aspects of the app with the following objectives: Improve security with more up-to-date framework security features. Improve performance.  CakePHP 2.2 is much quicker than CakePHP 1.3. Make […]



Translating Boxmeup for a Broader Audience

October 6, 2012 Chris Boxmeup Technology

Over the past several months, I’ve received a few complaints about the quality of the translations that Boxmeup uses.  I’m not a native speaker of anything other than English, and therefore I rely on external services to do my translations.  I’m also a lone developer on this project, so the resources to good quality translations […]



New and Improved Android App (v1.1)

January 11, 2012 Chris Boxmeup Releases

Boxmeup’s Android app has been updated for improved handling and a new feature: UPC Barcode recognition! When adding new items to a container, you can now scan UPC barcodes and have the results pre-populate the form.  Now it’s much easier to bulk add items without having to type on a cramped smartphone keyboard.   If […]



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